Sweet lovely death / I am waiting for your breath / Oh, sweet death, one last caress.


some bats

Terms of service

I will not draw

  • Shotacon/lolicon
  • NSFW or kink
  • Ferals, anthros with snouts

I will draw

  • Gore and horror
  • Armor, weapons, etc
  • Flat-faced anthros
  • Detailed characters (prices may vary depending on complexity)

For custom designs

Please do not sell designs for higher than you bought them without additional art. Absolutely do not whitewash my designs or use them to promote hate.

Examples + Prices


drawing of an oc
drawing of an oc

A rendered drawing, lines will be a bit messy. Price may vary depending on complexity.

Headshot- $30
Halfbody- $45
Fullbody - $60


drawing of an oc
drawing of an oc

A highly detailed finished piece with extra effort.

Headshot- $40
Halfbody- $60
Fullbody - $80


drawing of an ocdrawing of an oc

A custom design. Will be a fullbody with a simple rendering style.

Flat colors - $20
Rendered - $30


Additional character(s): +50%